Coaching is professional support for things like:
Clearing blocks
Making shifts
Bringing in the new
Successful endings
Tough passages
Dealing with success

My coaching is:

Being a trusted ally focussed on your purpose.

Listening deeply, with developed presence, holding your intention.

Systemic: when the process reveals blocks and entanglements, the constellations work has a unique capacity to produce shifts. Problems in life often arise from hidden dynamics and tangled connections within our wider field of relationships. The constellations make these visible, and allow us to work with them. 

Radical acceptance: when everything is welcome, we can find a place for anything. When everything is included, we shine.

Radical honesty: a place where you can say and be it all, and know that I will be honest with you.

I love helping to create flow for people and projects; life is calling for it! Get in contact if you’d like to find out more.



Constellations work is hard to describe, but everyone I've ever met who's done it says some version of – “wow/ unbelievable/ profound/ incredible/ holy shit!”
It is all of those things and, it demonstrates that we exist within living fields of connections, which both limit and sustain us. We are affected by the field, and the field is affected by us. The constellations allow us to view and work with the whole system.

When we can see the causal dynamics in our family, our organisation, team or community, it releases tension and creates movement.

It is best suited to chronic situations, hidden dynamics, the blocked, the mysterious, the apparently irresolvable. 

The way I like to work is over 3 stages: 

  • A preliminary conversation – from 10 minutes to an hour – to get an overview and work out how to meet your particular case needs. 

  • The constellation session, either one-to-one or with a group. 

  • A follow up integration session. 

If you have something to work with, send me a mail with a brief description and we can arrange the preliminary call. 

organisational work

My experience so far is with small businesses, as a constellator and as a founder/ entrepreneur. 

I've followed avant-garde business management all my adult life. It was Ricardo Semeler and Julian Richer when I started out, and I'm newly inspired by Frederic Laloux's TEAL company vision, where optimal human organisational forms are germinating.

The chaotic deregulated arena is the ground for this to happen and systemic work is the perfect tool for these complex organisms, free to write their own DNA and designed for adaptation. 

If you're in the arena and think I might be able to help, please make contact. I believe progressive organisations have huge potential for systemic change and I’m passionate to support them. I'm happy to join your coaching/ consultation team and am also connected to some wonderful people who I've trained or worked with at different stages. Each has something unique to bring to the work. according to case requirements.

Mark has a gift for tuning into what is alive and most present in a group and has an innate ability to hold space in a room, to make both individuals and groups feel safe and held.
— Lara Tabatznik, founder 42 ACRES